New Oxygenfad Album “fINAL fORM”

fINAL fORM cover art

Cover art for the new Oxygenfad Dark Ambient album

Title: Oxygenfad – Final Form
Influences: Survival Horror Games, Autechre, My Bloody Valentine, Rob Zombie
Description: Dark soundtrack to a Resident Evil game that doesn’t exist. Lot’s of cool recording techniques used on this album (circuit bent midi controllers, weird conspiracy theory tunings, generative scripting, linux audio, room mics galore, custom software written by me, lot’s of cool stuff).

Oxygenfad’s Aggressive Robot Sounds From Outer Space Sample Pack Vol. 1

Aggressive Big bass Sample Pack, Robots, DnB, and Dubstep Production samples !

Oxygenfads Robot Sample Pack

  • Over 200+ royalty free samples of totally glitched out fantastic robotic sounds !
  • Perfect for video game development, film, movie, and music production.
  • Great for EDM, Drum & Bass, and Dubstep production.
  • 16-bit 44k sample rate

Check out the demo here: